Application fields:

» Chemical process industry
» Air-Conditioning and Ventilation Systems
» Elevated water tanks
» Water purification
» Swimming-pool engineering
» Industrial waste water
» Municipal and Industrial Waste Water
» Landfill Engineering
» Traffic Route Engineering
» Drinking-Water Supply
» Gas Supply


Buttfusion fitting
PE pipe or fittings are joined to each other by heat fusion or with mechanical fittings.
PE pipe may be joined to other pipe materials by means of compression fittings, flanges, or other qualified types of manufactured transition fittings. There are many types and styles of fittings available from which the user may choose. Each offers its particular advantages and limitations for each joining situation the user may encounter. Contact with the various manufacturers is advisable for guidance in proper applications and styles available for joining as described in this document.
The equipment used in the process of making heat fused joints must be designed to operate for the selected pipe and fusion procedures. Additionally, the equipment should be well maintained and capable of operating to specification.
Screw Fitting