HDPE sewerage pipes


Corrugated pipes
City's sewage is mainly transferred through underground pipes. Corrugate pipes which  have a high resistance due to their design.
Against underground loads and have a light weight which makes them cheap, transfer the liquid.
Polyethylene and poly propylene have necessary specifications and live long enough to resist against corrosion by sewage gases and acids. These pipes are produced in a verity of forms and a main part of country's water sewage is transferred  through  them.
Double wall Polyethylene Pipe
There are multiple applications for corrugated pipes of Corporation such as drainage, industrial and domestic sewage; however we can also apply them in large urban projects.
Given the numerous benefits of polyethylene pipe and PE fittings, costs of these large projects are reduced as well.


PE pipes and fitting for sewage usages, Advantages:
  • » High resistance to corrosion
  • » Wide temperature range for function
  • » Easy loading and installation because of high flexibility
  • » Suitable fittings with integral sealing
  • » High strength of welded joints equal or even higher than pipes due to homogeneity of welded area and pipe.
  • » Better hydraulic behavior
  • » High resistance to abrasion
  • » Light weight and easy transportation
  • » Low costs for transportation & installation